Encounter, single channel video, 2016, duration:10 min
Encounter is a video reflecting on the human desire to approach, understand and experience an animal in the wilderness.
Wild animal life provokes curiosity and desire to observe, study and comprehend it, however there is always an “abyss of non-comprehension”, which separates us from animals. We would like to understand the nightingale’s song and interpret the gaze of a bison but they will always remain mysterious.
We are usually in a superior position pointing our technically advanced optical instruments towards animals and objectifying them through our ever-extending knowledge. Animals are observed by us, but the fact that they can observe us as well is rarely taken into consideration.
The video depicts a situation where the typical direction of the look is turned to the opposite side allowing the animal to observe the human. The animal watching the human with its impenetrable, scrutinizing gaze becomes the principal character of the work. The human is simply a passerby wandering in the mysterious, unpredictable wilderness.
The project is codirected with Katarzyna Miron