single channel video, 2019, co-directed with Katarzyna Miron, duration: 13min 50s

From a distance is a video installation reflecting on the entanglements of human and non-human interactions. The work focuses on the ways of how wild animals and humans encounter and coexist in the same habitat.
Wild animal life provokes curiosity and desire to observe, study and comprehend it, however there is always an “abyss of non-comprehension”, which separates us from animals. We would like to understand the nightingale’s song and interpret the gaze of a deer, but they will always remain mysterious. We are usually in a superior position pointing our technically advanced optical instruments towards animals and objectifying them through our ever-extending knowledge. Animals are studied and observed by us, but the fact that they can observe or contemplate us as well is rarely taken into consideration.
The work reflects on the people’s desire to approach, understand and experience an animal in the wilderness and at the same time, it is an artistic endeavour to balance the typically human oriented relationship between a man and an animal by emphasizing animal presence and viewpoint.
It is also an immersive journey through the mysterious, intriguing nature where the wildlife stays mostly out of sight or can be experienced only from a distance.
The project was realised in collaboration with Katarzyna Miron.